Open Arms

Latest Newsletter:  Open Arms October 2016


The Ella Bunting Open Arms Cancer Support Group meets at 1:00 p.m., the first Wednesday of every month, at Loflin’s Restaurant in Thomasville, NC.


In September of 2007, the Open Arms Cancer Support Group was formed by three cancer survivors: Ella, Michele & Leslie. When they started the support group, Pastor Michael Hoffman offered Grace Lutheran as a place for the group to hold their meetings.

No one knew then where this concept would go.

The three knew that there were many others like themselves who wanted/needed a place to get together and talk through the many issues of living and dealing with cancers that the doctors simply had no time to address. As the women had been through a number of different forms of cancer: Breast, uterine, colon, liver, bone & lung – they decided it was important to welcome anyone with any type of cancer into the group. 

The group realized that no one should ever have to go through cancer alone. The group also decided to include anyone who may not have cancer themselves but who might be dealing with cancer of a family member or friend or any cancer caregivers.

In February of 2008, the group formed a team The Warriors of Grace for the Davidson County Relay for Life. They won the title of #1 Fundraising Team for that event.

The group officially changed its name to the Ella Bunting Open Arms Cancer Support Group in 2011 in honor and memory of Ella, who passed away after a 20 year battle with terminal cancer December 2011.


Open Arms has approximately 55 members on their mailing list for the group’s monthly newsletter.

Membership is free as is the monthly Newsletter.

Once a month, the group gets together to share coffee, snacks and free flowing discussions about getting through the cancer experience. The gathering also includes a devotional led by Pastor Jonathan Conrad.

The Open Arms Cancer Support Group is open to all cancer survivors, from the newly diagnosed, to those undergoing treatment and to those who completed treatment for cancer.

Additionally, any caregivers and those who have someone they are close to who is dealing with cancer are welcome to attend.

Everyone is welcome.