Hello from The Members of Grace

Hello! Thank you for checking out our church website.If you are looking for a new church home or if you are just curious to know more about the Lutheran tradition and Christian faith, this is the church for you.

The reason we are certain you will find what you are looking for at Grace is that we are a true servant church that takes Jesus seriously and the Great Commission as our mission.

What that means is that we believe “church” is not something done within the walls of a building for a couple hours each week. “Church” is living out a life of service for our neighbor(s) and in honor of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Together, we are learning what it means to be the “Church” in the 21st century. While we remember and respect our past, we also are excited about the new opportunities God is providing for us to share His word.

As a congregation, we believe that this house is God’s house. We respect and welcome all who enter our doors. The church sometimes get the reputation as being cold and close-minded but we truly believe we are called to welcome those with differing political views, genders, sexual orientations, and faith (or non-faith) backgrounds.

We believe who unites us is greater than what divides us. With that in mind, Grace is ready to meet your spiritual needs and also help lead you to a stronger faith formation.

If you have any questions about Grace, please contact the church office at (336) 476-4114 or tvillegrace@gmail.com

Again, thanks for checking out our website. Wherever you are in your faith journey, always remember that you never walk alone. God is present and ready to guide you. And if you need help along the way, Grace will be there for you.

The Members of Grace