The Weekly Word for January 22, 2017

Gospel: Matthew 4:12-23 Sermon for January 22 “I Heard the Light” This Sunday marks the third Sunday of the Epiphany season. The Epiphany Season kicks off with the baptism of Jesus and ends at the end of February with the Transfiguration. As a season in the church year, Epiphany is often overlooked because it comes … [Read more…]

The Weekly Word for January 15, 2017

Reading: Matthew 3:13-17   Sermon: “Why?”   This has been a wonderful morning for worship.   We have witnessed the baptism of our newest member: Mason. We have sung hymns and heard the Word.   And now we have a chance to read about and consider the baptism of Jesus.

Grace WELCA CANCELLED for this Thursday

The January WELCA Bible Study, originally scheduled for 01/12/17 (tomorrow evening), has been canceled. We will resume on February 9th at 7 p.m. in the GLC foyer. All women of Grace are invited to join us.

The Weekly Word for Snow Day Sunday January 2017

“Puddles”   Last Monday, Paul and I went up to Greensboro to Friendly Center. While we were there we went to Barnes and Noble and spent a long time in the bookstore.   If you remember, that day was wet and rainy all day long.   As Paul and I were leaving the bookstore, and … [Read more…]

The Weekly Word for Christmas Eve 2016

Gospel: Luke 2: 1-20   Sermon: “It’s A Wonderful Christmas Life”   Tonight we come together to celebrate the birth of the Savior of the World: Jesus of Nazareth. Over the past month, Kristen and I have helped our son, Paul, with an Advent calendar that features the Nativity scene with all animals and all … [Read more…]

The Weekly Word for December 11, 2016

Gospel: Matthew 11:2-11   Sermon for December 11, 2016: “God’s Map”   It was the winter of 2009 and Kristen and I were celebrating our first Christmas back in North Carolina.   And to help celebrate, Kristen’s mom and dad were going to join us for Christmas.   We were looking forward to seeing Jim … [Read more…]